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Mosaic of Music: $19.99

Educational Dance Books

The Perfect Gift for A Belly Dancer

Need a gift for for a belly dance student, dancer or teacher etc.? Here is a perfect gift that will grow her education in dance. Every time she uses it she will think of you. A book from Tales1001/Cedar Productions. There are 15 to choose from. Plus these books have been made into courses that can be taken on line. Do your dance friends a favor and give them a gift of the future. If belly dance is their passion here is the answer.

These books are written by an international teacher and performer and cover Arabic Dance. They cover our dance form from CREATIVITY to THEATER presentations and everything in between. Morwenna Assaf and her husband Walid Assaf produce these books. They are from the UK and Lebanon respectively. Their lives have been dedicated to the sharing of the dance and music of the Eastern Arabic (The Levantine area) countries for over 40 years. It is their life to share with the world to “Keep the Culture in Arabic Dance”!

All books are on sale through Create Space and Amazon and other on-line outlets. The Kindle versions are on sale at this time and will be through the New Year.

Just search for Morwenna Assaf-Author.

Performing Your Best As a Middle Eastern Dance Artist: $15.99


Our last book for 2017 was “The Art of Teaching Oriental Dance” It was published on Dec 15th. This book is already published into a course.February 15th was the date that ""Performing Technique for the Middle Eastern Dancer** was  published and is now in a course. These two are both on Performing of Oriental Dance.

ALL, will be made into a course. After that there will be three more smaller books published next year. These will be 1. An overview of Cultural Dance Styles called “Threads of Identity” - World Dance and Fusion Fitness Styles” 2. “Life IS Movement” A Means for Control of Movement and Flexibility & Chronic Pain” 3. The “Syllabus for Debke/BollyWood and Persian Dance Styles”. We have it all covered. They will be published in September and November. There is also publishing planned for 2019. All books are on Amazon & Create Space under Author-Morwenna Assaf.

I hope this helps you understand this will be a very busy year for us and the next few year will be equally so. Our books are all available on Kindle through Amazon and in print form also. Thank you for being with us through the years. Have a prosperous 2018 and keep dancing.

If we can help you in any way, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Morwenna & Walid Assaf

Dancer And Drummer

[email protected] https://tales1001.webs.com

The Art of Teaching Oriental Danse : $15.99

The Story of the Oud  in Knoxville, TN

BOOK & CDs: The Art/Dance Academy -El Fen Series

CD: Basic Rhythms: To go hand in hand with above books.   $10- (Purchased together =$15- for both) See below.

CD: Advanced Rhythms: To proceed further with Arabic rhythms.  $10-

CD. Warm -Up Practice Music: to go with DVD by same name. $10-  ( If DVD is purchased CD is $10-)

 BOOK & CD. Finger Cymbals: Play Them Correctly or ZILLS/ZAGAT: Teaching Syllabus   
                     plus Basic Rhythm CD $15-.

Performing Technique For The Middle Eastern Dance Artist: $15.99

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