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Performing Your Best As A Middle Eastern Dance Artist; $15.99

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Join US for COACHING in Arabic Style/Belly Dance either online or in the studio.
Coaching is available at class rates due to COVID-19. Get the expertise you need at any level. Contact Art/Dance Academy at [email protected] or by phone at 760-715-2276 or 865-375-0446. Check our website at https://ArtDanceAcademy.webs.com

MONDAY: 11am in studio Advanced Level. Introductory Level. 7pm Late afternoon available.
Advanced Level 6PM Professional Level
WEDNESDAY: Available
THURSDAY: 11am in studio. Intermediate Level. Other times available in early evening. Professional Level 1:30pm
FRIDAY: 11am online.
SATURDAY:Professional Level NOON
The Art of Teaching Oriental Danse: $15.99

The Perfect Gift For A Belly Dancer

A Dance Course to Grow Their Knowledge

Need a gift for Mother' Day or any holiday for a belly dance student, dancer or teacher etc.? Here is a perfect gift that will grow her education in dance. Every time she uses it she will think of you. An educational dance course from Tales1001/Cedar Productions. There are 19? to choose from. Plus 7 that are free and tasters. All paid courses are based on our books. Do your dance friends a favor and give them a gift of the future. If belly dance is their passion here is the perfect answer.

These courses are planned by an international teacher and performer and cover Arabic Dance. They cover our dance form from CREATIVITY to THEATER presentations and everything in between. Morwenna Assaf and her husband Walid Assaf produce these courses in dance and rhythm. They are from the UK and Lebanon respectively. Their lives have been dedicated to the sharing of the dance and music of the Eastern Arabic (The Levantine) countries for over 40 years. It is their life to share with the world to keep the culture in Arabic Dance.

All courses are on sale through YesCourse.com and CourseCraft.com at this and will be offered in other other on-line outlets in the future. These versions are on sale at this time and will be through the New Year. Anyone one who purchases will have these courses forever and will get all updates including audios and videos as they are published. Expand their education. Be a knowledgeable teacher and/or dancer. “Why Be Good When You Can Be Great!”

Performing Technique For The Middle Eastern Dance Artist: $15.99

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  • Subscribing allows you to get site updates. Your email address will be kept private.